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ArbAlarm and ArbSurfer Review

Arbalarm is the most advanced arbitrage trading platform developed by the oldest sports arbitrage company, Sports Arbitrage World. Their latest version of trading software takes advantage of server based software that scans online bookmakers, finds arbitrage opportunities and delivers surebets to you in real time. The software runs continuously on servers, so you have couple thousand unique arbitrage situations every month. Although the newest version of Arbalarm, the Traderzone, replaced downloadable software in favour of a web based interface, it still works together with Arbsurfer.

ArbAlarm features

The new version of ArbAlarm, the TraderZone, displays arbitrage situations found by server-based software in a simple web based interface. The interface is divided in a couple of windows. The first two are arbs and middles in match. They show currently available arbitrage and middles bets. Under them is the next best price window and finally there is arb details window. Arb details window shows all important information of an arb: players or teams involved, odds at different online bookmakers and betting market. The next best price is a new feature that helps you cover your mistakes since it provides a list of the next best prices on each player or team. Several other unique features have been added to the latest ArbAlarm version. The top 5 lists enables you to see surebets from lists like: latest arbs, highest profit arbs etc. The bonus hunter trades displays arbitrage and break-even trades that involve online bookmakers from whom you have received bonuses. In addition to the basic and advanced features, ArbAlarm has several different filters: minimum profit, bookmaker, sports and rules compatibility filter. They allow you to restrict the particular types of arbitrage opportunities, so you will be only presented with situations that actually interest you.

ArbSurfer features

As mentioned before, ArbAlarm works in combination with ArbSurfer which is a web browser specifically designed to help sports arbitrage traders automate the most of their trading process. ArbSurfer was designed for astounding speed. It can remember all log in details for the online bookmakers you use, so signing into the bookie's websites is done with a single click. You can also create a profile which can then be used to fill out forms with a single click. In addition, browsing in Arb Surfer can be done in tablettes which allow you to see two or more websites within the same window. This is extremely useful for arbitrage trading since you will be able to confirm all bets in just a few seconds and so reduce the possibility of change in the odds to zero. Security is another feature that has especially been taken care of while developing arbitrage trading software. All data is stored and transmitted using industry-standard encryption. Also, you have complete control over all cookies and pop ups. Another special feature is built in notepad and one click screen capture. ArbSurfer also contains sports arbitrage calculator and full featured betting exchange calculator. There is even automatic currency exchange updater. The last unique and important function for professional arbitrageurs is automatic arbitrage recorder which can record all trade details with just one click. This feature helps you in keeping track of your account balances at different bookmakers so you can use your capital efficiently.

Covered bookmakers and sports markets

ArbAlarm scans over 200 online bookmakers and betting exchanges. The trading software can find arbs, middles and cross-market arbitrage opportunities that involve Asian handicaps (+/- 0.25, +/-0.5, +/-0.75 etc.), European handicaps (+/-1,+/-2 etc.), double-chance (1X, X2, 12) and match bets (1, X, 2) in over 25 different sports.

ArbAlarm free trial

Sports Arbitrage World currently offers five day free trial of their arbitrage service. In addition, for a limited time you can get free arbs on Fridays, for life, simply for registering. This is extremely good offer because Friday is always one of the best days in week for sports arbitrage trading.

Software advantages

The TraderZone sports arbitrage platform has all features arbitrage trader might ever desire: real-time data keeps you ahead of the game, modular design allows you personalization, ArbSurfer can automate a lot of your trading process and record all trade details, you can view profit and account balances at any time and much more. Another big advantage of the TraderZone is that it can get 3rd party data. This means that you will receive trades from any other services within the TraderZone. Obviously, this makes subscription to other services slightly pointless since you will have more arbitrage situations than you will be able to utilize. Final advantage of the Sports Arbitrage World trading software package is constant software development and integrated user feedback. By using 'Request a feature' button you can easily suggest new features or vote for already suggested ones which are then being developed and added on monthly basis.

Arbalarm disadvantages

Although ArbSurfer and ArbAlarm work smoothly together, sometimes you will have trouble in locating the desired feature. Since there is so many features, you won't know whether the desired feature is a part of ArbSurfer or ArbAlarm. Though this twitching between different parts of the trading platform will be present only while you are getting accustomed with the program, we consider that more in the aspect of usability could have been done to avoid this.

Sports Arbitrage World trading platform that includes ArbAlarm and ArbSurfer is intended for traders serious about arbitrage betting. The price of £196 includes software (ArbAlarm and ArbSurfer), book and one month subscription to the TraderZone. Although this price will be too much for the most of new traders who start with smaller capital, those of you who are serious about arbitrage and plan to invest over £10,000 in your investment project should definitively consider this package since it includes all you need to start.

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